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How we ship your items

February 09, 2016

There's a lot of bad press about certain companies like Yodel and Hermes and the way they treat your parcels when they deliver them. Often they are seen to be manhandling the items, standing on them, throwing them in all directions and once they are delivered they are often treated in similar ways by other employees in the chain. From a business point of view we trialed Yodel and Hermes using Citipost based in Alfreton, our goods were collected and the main problem that we found was that the parcel would often go missing when it said the parcel had been delivered. 

Whose fault is it? The attention is normally on the carrier however as a business owner I have to be honest and say it is my fault, not for everyone's mail but definitely ours. I chose to give my items to Yodel or Hermes and I trusted them to deliver, the contract is between me and them and so I have to hold my hands up in my opinion. This trial went bad and quickly so we cancelled our contract and moved back to Royal Mail

Learning from my mistakes we now only use Royal Mail who handle our goods with care and we enjoy a 99.99% success rate using their tracked service. 


We feel that this service is the best service for vast majority of our customers and we subsidise the shipping cost to make it fairer on our customers, £1.99 looks more attractive than the actual amount.

For express delivery we use DPD who provide next day delivery Mon-Thu, the service isn't available to all our UK customers but the ones who can get it will be get the best possible service and again we subsidise this method too.

Our international customer in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and BE-NE-LUX also get the DPD service whilst USA, Australia and Asian Countries we are using WN Direct who are an eBay partner who provide delivery at a must quicker delivery time than Royal Mail as all items are customs cleared in the UK.