Trade Sports Mystery Box Wholesale Opportunity

Over the course of time we get returns from customers with missing tags, broken boxes, and generally, they are not in a condition we are happy to post out to our customers. The value of most of these items is still high so we can package our items up and ship them in bulk. Inside you will find items that are in excellent/good condition and range from different styles of and brands. 

The cost of each box ranges from £50-£200 and the offers will be limited as we will have to build up our stock of returns before we can offer it again should we be sold out. 

Selling our regular products on Amazon is already a very popular choice with many sellers so with these boxes you will getting similar products for way less. 

£50 box you should expect to get a retail value around £250 it will include items which are current and old from our online store. You can expect double the amount in the £100 box with more chance of premium footwear worth up to £75.00 a pair. The £200 box will be made up the best stock we have nearly all adidas branded wear, with barcodes attached and a retail value up to £800. 


Terms and conditions: These items are returns and although we cannot guarantee the condition we cannot accept returns from the sales of these boxes. In exceptional cases we will always consider serious issues on a case by case basis. 


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